The Wonders of the Ford Certified Pre-Owned Program

Who wants to deal with any question marks when purchasing a used vehicle? Most consumers wish to buy with confidence. Ford's certified pre-owned plan does help instill extra confidence. Many steps are taken to ensure the vehicle won't disappoint.

A limited warranty does a lot to put a buyer's mind at some ease. Any part that turns out defective could be covered under the comprehensive limited warranty. Ford's certified pre-owned system also presents a powertrain limited warranty as well. Even if something goes wrong, if covered, the problem won't cost the owner anything.

Warranty or not, owners don't want to worry about something going wrong. To decrease the chances of anything troubling occurring, all vehicles go through a 172-point inspection. The massive inspection should uncover an obvious problem. A fix follows any discoveries.

See what a Ford certified pre-owned vehicle is all about for yourself. Come by our location at Discovery Ford in Altavista, VA and take one out for a test drive.

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