Ford Fiesta Design and Interior Features

Want to test drive the new Ford Fiesta? It’s one of the cars on this top 10 list for small economic cars in the American market. The Fiesta packs a lot of punch in terms of space. You get a lot of room with five seats and an ample trunk. You can also upgrade to the Titanium package or the ST Hatch trim to get more space in the back.

The Fiesta is also a great buy because the design incorporates a lot of new technology, such as LED touch screens and SYNC 3 which can connect your apps to your car. You can also use voice-enabled controls to direct your vehicle, take phone calls, or check voicemails, and also open apps you can view on the touch screen in the interior design.

You can check out the latest Ford Fiesta at Discovery Ford located in Altavista, VA and pick out the engine you want in your custom car.

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